Mint Sheet of 100
# Whole 100 S/Sheet!
Code: AA002 / 2.00

Mint Sheet of 100
# Whole 100 S/Sheet!
Code: AA003 / 3.00


. Jawaharlal Nehru 

Mint S/S Sheet of 100 Stamps!

14 Novembre 1889 au 27 May 1964 était le premier Premier ministre de l'Inde et une figure centrale dans la politique indienne pour une grande partie du 20e siècle . Il a émergé comme le chef suprême du mouvement d'indépendance indien sous la tutelle du Mahatma Gandhi et l'Inde a décidé de sa création en tant que nation indépendante en 1947 jusqu'à sa mort en fonction en 1964. Nehru est considéré comme l'architecte de la nation indienne moderne Etat : une république souveraine , socialiste , laïque et démocratique
 # Whole 100 S/Sheet

Code: AA001 / € 5.00 P/H Free


Russian Stamps / Soviet Union


Mint Stamp Sheets of Russia on SALE

MSS53 Russia 100 stamp sheet .Each0.15 Or 100x0.15 Date of issue 1998 6.00 Euro
MSS54 Russia 100 stamp sheet .Each0.15 Or 100x0.15 Date of issue 1998 6.00 Euro
MSS55 Butterfly Issue 2001  Green grass Butterflies Mint Sheet of 25 Russia 1.00,1.50,2.00,3.00,5.00 6.00 Euro
MSS56 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps on Flora {Mammillaria swinglei} Issue 1994 Multicor.Russia 100p Each  1.50 Euro
MSS57 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps on Flora {Mammillaria swinglei} Issue 1994 Multicor.Russia 100p Each  1.50 Euro
MSS58 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps XXV Olympic sports {Wristling} 1992 Russia 3p  1.50 Euro
MSS59 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps Theme XXV Olympic Handball 1992 Value 1p Each 1.50 Euro
MSS60 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps  XXV Olympic sports {Swarding} 1992 Value 2p  1.50 Euro
MSS61 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps Theme Flora {Lophophora Williamsii Issue 1994 Valu 100p  1.50 Euro
MSS62 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps Theme Flora {Lophophora Williamsii Issue 1994 Valu 100p  1.50 Euro

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Stamps from Pakistan

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Eid is a holy and joyous occasion when all 
the members of the family come together and celebrate.
Eid is a festival time.. The perfect time for giving, receiving and sharing, gifts, emotions and good wishes. Add a touch of warmth to your friends EID with these warm and beautiful Eid Stamps

Eid Greetings
Code: PS01
Item: Stamps 
Quantity: 1 mint Sheet of 8 Stamps
Theme: Eid Mubarak to you all
Flora - Yellow Rose flowers
Country: Pakistan
Denomination: Each Rs.8 
Date of Issue: 2012
Size: Large
Color: Multi color

National Water Sports
 Gala Karachi 1995
Code: PS02
Item: Stamps
Quantity: 1 MNH Sheet of 32 Stamps
Theme: National water sports Gala Karachi 1995
Country: Pakistan
Denomination: Each Rs.8 
Date of Issue: 1995
Size: Large
Color: Multi color

International Conference
 Of  Writers 
Code:  PS03
Item: Stamps
Quantity: 1 mint sheet of  35 Stamps
Theme: International conference of writers Nov 30 
Dec 3 1995 Islamabad literature, culture democracy
Country: Pakistan
Denomination: Each Rs.1.25
Date of Issue: 1995
Size: medium
Color: Multi 

Child Art Competition
Code:  PS04
Item: Stamps
Quantity: 1 mint Sheet of 8 Stamps
Theme: Child art competition
National stamp exhibition Karachi 2012
Birds, vegetables, kite, village life,
scenery, children at play
Country: Pakistan
Denomination: Each Rs.8 
Date of Issue: 2012
Size: Large
Color: Multi color

World's Youngest 
Microsoft Professional'
Ms.Arfa Karim
Arfa was born in a Jatt Randhawa family in Faisalabad, Punjab. 
In 2004 at the age of 9 years, Arfa became the youngest MCP in the world, a title she kept until 2008. 
She was invited by Bill Gates to visit the Microsoft Headquarters in the US. 
The vice president of the Software Development Division, S Somasegar, wrote about her in his blog. 
 In November 2006, Arfa was invited by Microsoft to conference held in Barcelona.
 She was the only Pakistani among over 5,000 developers in that conference.
At the age of 16, she was studying at the Lahore Grammar School Paragon 
Campus in her second year of A Levels.
Arfa Karim, 16-year-old Pakistani child prodigy, youngest Microsoft 
Certified Professional (MCP) in the world and winner of the president’s Pride of Performance,   

Arfa Khan 1995-2012
Code: PS05
Item: Stamps
Quantity: MNH 1 Sheet of 8 Stamps
Theme: Arfa Khan worlds youngest microsoft 
certified Professional
Country: Pakistan
Denomination: Each Rupee 8.00
Date of Issue: 2012
Size: Large
Color: Multicol


British Indian Coins

British Indian Coins

King George V + George VI

King George V ( George Frederick Ernest Albert)
was the first ruler of the United Kingdom with the family name Windsor
King George V was born on June 3, 1865. He was the son of Edward VII. 
He was in the Royal Navy when he was twelve. 
He left the Royal Navy to become king. George V was crowned 
King and Emperor of India in the year 1911.
 King George was married to Princess Victoria

Mary of Trek

George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George 1895 –1952)
Was King of United Kingdom and the Dominions of the
British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death.
He was the last Emperor and the first Head of the Sate
British India 
 George V King Emperor 
2 Anna Silver Antique
Issue 1918
1 set George V

George VI  King Emperor 
One Quarter Anna 
Issue 1939 Copper
Quantity Available-Issue's 1939,1940,1941 
Set of 6 Coins 


Butterfly's on Stamps

Butterflies OF Nature

Moths evolved long before butterflies, fossils having been 
found that may be 190 million years old. Both types of 
lepidoptera are thought to have evolved with flowering 
plants, mainly because most modern species 
feed on flowering plants, as adults and larvae.
The study of butterflies and moths is known as Lepidoptery


It is estimated that there are 15,000 to 
20,000 butterfly  species in the world 
 Do you believe there are six main families of butterflies
God knows the truth

 Set of 7 Stamps
Used Condition

 Set of 9 Stamps
Used Condition

 Set of 5 Stamps
Used Condition

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Item code-C107

 M/S-Maniture stamp sheets of India

#01. Mexico India joint Issue Issue 2010 Mint set


#02. Festivals of India Issue 2008 Mint set 


#03. Common wealth games Issue 2008 Mint set


#04. Traditional Indian Textiles Issue 2009 Mint set


#05. Landmark Bridges of India Issue 2007 Mint set 


06.# Parliament House Issue 2011 Mint set 


07.# Greetings Issue 2009 Mint set


08.# ALBABRA Gaint Tortoise Issue 2009 Mint set 


09.# Astrological signs Issue 2010 Mint set 


10.# Buddha Date of Issue 2010 Mint set 


11.# R.N Tagore Issue 2011 Mint set 


12.# 100 Years of Air mail Mint set 


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Common Wealth Games:Delhi 2010

Queen's Baton Relay –

 XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 ...

India Post issued a set of two commemorative postage stamps to mark the baton’s entry into India as a herald to the Commonwealth Games 2010, one depicting the baton and the second, a proud Shera holding it with Delhi’s India Gate in the background.

The Queen’s baton has traveled through all the Commonwealth countries and landed in India on 25th June 2010, Friday through the Wagah Border with big celebrations, it will spend 100 days touring the country.
The Queen’s baton was launched on 29th October 2009 at Buckingham Palace in London, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II handing the Baton to Her Excellency the President of India, Smt. Prathibha Devisingh Patil. Abhinav Bindra, the Olympic air rifle champion, began the Baton’s journey with a relay around the Queen Victoria Monument. It’s the longest relay of all the previous Commonwealth Games, and by the end, will have covered 190 thousand km across 71 nations.

Queen’s Baton Relay – XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010
Date of Issue: 25 June 2010
Country: India
Denomination: 2000p and 500p

Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games
Rs 5 issue 2010


Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Rs 5 

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